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teaching Mathias how to use WordPress

This is going to be where we keep track of what each other is doing so we don’t trash each other’s work.

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2020.12.17Site online in its full glory as alejandrapalos.info
2020.12.19Group: First session, intro to block editor, posts and blogs. Mathias has Editor account w/secure password.
2020.12.19LAM: Administrative console was indicating a site health error regarding loopback tests; after a bunch of investigation I isolated it to a problem with Visual Portfolio plugin’s handling of sessions and disabled them in class-get-portfolio.php. I think they’re only used in random displays so it shouldn’t affect us.
2020.12.19LAM: Modified custom CSS to include .list-img-right and .list-img-left classes for floating images in Exhibitions page.
2020.12.20LAM: Registered noltenius.net por si acaso. If nothing else that will keep domain squatters from grabbing it.
2020.12.20Group: Zoom session 19:30 Dubai ; ≈ 2hrs.
2020.12.20Mathias: changed caption on ‘Phobia’
2020.12.22Zoom session 19:30 Dubai (scheduled).
2020.12.20LAM: Added category “tips” which will include notes pertaining to running the site. Note that this may not be a private channel, no passwords etc. Check out the useful info!
2020.12.20LAM: Added Find Posts Using Attachment plugin. Problem: With multiple fingers in the pie, the Media Library could get… messy. This plugin adds a column to the list view which indicates the places that a media item is used. Way cool!
2020.12.20LAM: Mathias, I deleted the redundant virtual_gallery_2.jpg image that is used in one of your ADM play posts or pages. I assume you’re going to dump it anyway. Please let’s try and keep the clutter down by deleting our test items when we’re through with them.
2020.12.22Group: Zoomed for about 3 hours, figured out a bunch details in the gallery, dreamed up a way to have short descriptions in the lightbox and embed a link within that description, to a separate more detailed post for those images that have a story behind them. Mathias created descriptive posts for Linked and Jade Skirt and started reformatting descriptions per Ale comment.

Note that this strategy is putting hand-coded links within image description fields: those links will not be updated if the URL slug is changed in the image description!
Added custom class to increase gallery title size (per Mathias). We need to make sure that doesn’t mess things up in cell presentation.
.vp-portfolio__item-meta-title {
font-size: 150% !important;
2020.12.22Zoom session tentatively scheduled for 2020.12.23 – 21:00 Dubai.
2020.12.23LAM: Zoom: 30-minute cancellation by Ale and no-show by Mathias. Next meeting date unscheduled.
2020.12.23LAM: Looking at the “click for more info” links in the lightbox image descriptions, they don’t seem obvious enough. I created a CSS class to surround them with asterisks till we decide how to best manage that detail.
2020.12.23LAM: Installed Simple History plugin and almost immediately logged a brute force attack against user mero. Username is included in posts, gak!

Did a restore from today’s backup. That apparently does NOT clear out the directory before restoring, something to be careful of (there could be a Trojan hidden, might be best to delete everything before restoring.

LAM: Installed Limit Login Attempts Reloaded to hopefully mitigate this problem. Face slap emoji
2020.12.24LAM: Archived previous site at http://apalos2020.lapazweb.com/ for reference.
2020.12.26LAM: Edited original Phase image do shorten base and replaced previous version in gallery.
2020.12.27LAM: Group meeting scheduled for 12/29 19:00 (Dubai)
2020.12.29Group: Met for about 1.5 hours, covered a number of details. Shorter meeting scheduled for 12/30 19:00