ADM: Third meeting

Scheduled Tuesday, 12/22 19:30 Dubai time.

Please be logged into the site and ready to go, so we can get right into things.
Meeting ID / Pass: 914 5687 1420 / 315498

As you can see, the learning curve (calculated from data scientifically guesstimated) is flattening out; i.e. the initial bewilderment is over and it’s gravy from here on out.

Until the first time you totally trash something and the gallery sends you off to some porno site.

Purpose of meeting: Clarify any pending questions and add Ale’s upcoming event to the events page/BLOG.

Question: ¿Do we need an “Upcoming events” page?

Things I’d like to cover in this meeting

  1. Version control and error recovery.
  2. Add Ale’s upcoming event.

See you soon!

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