ADM: Learning resources

Online stuff that will do a lot better job of explaining things than I can:

There is a load of audiovisual stuff on Youtube about beginning with WordPress; I’ll leave it up to you what you like best, and would recommend that you play around building some new posts or pages as you progress. If you’re moderately careful you aren’t likely to break things, and if you do I should be able to recover from backups. Your account does have major privileges though, so until you get up to speed, please:

  1. Feel free to make as many new posts or pages as you like, and use them as your playground. Name them something obvious so that we both know they’re yours and you have no chance of accidentally modifying some page critical to the site.
  2. Do NOT delete or modify anything that you have not yourself created.
  3. If you want to see how a current page works, you can copy the content onto a new page of your own. I suggest you have at least two tabs open so you can switch between them, and if you have another browser available you can run that without logging in so you can see how it looks to the end user (when you’re logged in as an editor you get a slightly different view).
  4. I’m super happy to (try and) answer any questions, and it takes me just a few minutes to get up on Zoom or Skype to work directly with you. There’s a good chance I won’t know the answer either and we’ll have to figure it out.
  5. When you do break something (we all do, and there’s that point when we say “oops”!), at that point stop! That helps minimize the damage.
    • At that point document exactly what you did– write it down while it’s fresh– hopefully in a way that would allow me to replicate the action, and let me know what happened. With a little luck it will be easy to fix and that’s just part of the entertainment.
    • Worst case I may have to restore from backups, which will lose any work done since the last backup, so you don’t want to put energy into anything that will just disappear.

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