ADM: Fourth meeting

RE-Scheduled Tuesday, 12/29 21:00 Dubai time. Zoom info below.
Scheduled Tuesday, 12/23 21:00 Dubai time (sorry, I didn’t realize we’d been overlapping meal time).

Boss Lady

Hopefully include da Boss Lady (Ale) for review and consultation.

Please be logged into the site and ready to go, so we can get right into things.
Meeting ID: 986 8144 1534
Passcode: 059613

Purpose of meeting: Clarify any pending questions and add Ale’s upcoming event to the events page/BLOG.

Question: ¿Do we need an “Upcoming events” page?

Things I’d like to cover in this meeting

  1. Review what we’ve done to date with Ale
  2. Any pending details with Ale
  3. Add Ale’s upcoming event.

See you soon!

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